Joanne Zhou, RD, CDE
About Me.

Not your typical Dietitian - I bring my passion for healthcare technologies and innovation into my clinical practice. I received my nutrition degree from McGill University and have had extensive experience in virtual care even before it had become a necessity due to COVID. Seeing how technology could impact more people than I could counselling 1-on-1, I transitioned to focus on healthcare software product management. Now, I am splitting my time to continue doing what I love most - counselling on tricky digestives issues and optimizing nutrition. As someone with IBS that is where my clinical private practice specialty lies. I am dedicated to providing the best care possible in new ways. If you have never seen a dietitian before and curious about how you can optimize your diet I can also help with that. I hope to bring a fresh perspective and openness to experimentation in navigating the sometimes complex and confusing waters of the gut. Let me be your guide!